"Welcome to JASKO - Shaping Success Together Founded in 2003 in Florida by Jasmin Maljanovic, a former driver and owner-operator, JASKO embodies a unique perspective that shapes our values and operations. As an employee-owned organization, pride, ownership, and camaraderie define our close-knit community. In 2012, we expanded to Castle Rock, CO, and later relocated our headquarters to Buckeye, AZ, fostering a family atmosphere where every team member is valued and respected. Transparency and open communication are integral, with our accessible CEO, Jasmin Maljanovic, bringing a relatable understanding to our workforce. Pride in our knowledgeable team, diverse expertise, and a passion for excellence has led to a financially stable company prioritizing the well-being and success of our drivers and contractors. We empower growth within our organization and the broader industry, supporting drivers in achieving their goals. As an asset-based carrier specializing in refrigerated freight, our exceptional on-time performance is a testament to our commitment to punctuality and reliability. Our top-notch fleet ensures the safe and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. JASKO fosters a family atmosphere beyond the workplace, supporting personal growth and maintaining a positive work-life balance. In summary, we are a nationwide, employee-owned trucking company focused on transparency and excellence, providing a supportive environment for our team's success. Join JASKO, where we shape success together with a true family spirit in all that we do."


Our Mission

"At Jasko Enterprises, we are dedicated to seamlessly transporting temperature-sensitive goods through reliable and efficient over-the-road refrigerated trucking services. Our commitment is rooted in ensuring the integrity and freshness of perishable goods, prioritizing safety, punctuality, and professionalism. By fostering trusted partnerships, we strive to be the preferred choice for businesses seeking dependable cold chain logistics solutions.".

Our Vision

"Our vision at Jasko Enterprises is to redefine excellence as the foremost provider of over-the-road refrigerated trucking services. We aspire to revolutionize the cold chain industry through continuous innovation and operational excellence. Envisioning a future where businesses globally rely on our cutting-edge fleet and advanced technology, we are dedicated to setting new standards in efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Through strategic investments in infrastructure and fostering a culture of collaboration, we aim to be the driving force behind a seamless and sustainable global cold chain network."

Jasko Enterprises Inc. Timeline