Owner Operator Information

Thank you for your interest in JASKO Enterprises, Inc.. We provide great benefits to our Owner Operators. These benefits include:

JASKO Enterprises, Inc. provides the following at no charge to you:

  • Tractor & Traler Decals (Leased to JASKO (logo), unit numbers, 877 FL JASKO, VIN (Last 8), Fire Extinguisher, KY number, NY Sticker.
  • "Pre-employment", "Random", "Post-Accident", "Retun to work" Drug & BAT Testings

JASKO Enterprises, Inc. provides the following as optional to you:

  • Base Plates...Colorado Tags can be provided by JASKO (Approximate cost of $2150.00 per year, expires 08/31 of every year.)
  • Fuel Cards... EFS Fuel Card to be used at Pilot & Flying J Locations Nationwide. FleetOne can be used at all other truck stops.
  • IFTA...Fuel Tax Quarterly Filing can be prepared and filed by JASKO for a fee of $30.00 per month if the owner operator chooses to run under JASKO IFTA License. Amounts due will be deducted from settlements and reportes provided to an owner operator.
  • Weight / Distance Tax...Kentucky, New Mexico, New York and Oregon require separate quarterly filings. Monies owed will be deducted from a settlement, report will be provided to an owner operator.
  • Bobtail Insurance... can be purchased JASKO's current Insurance Agency (currently at $40.00 per month).
  • Physical Damage... can be provided by JASKO's current Insurance Agent (currently @ $5.00% for each $1000.00 in value), deductiable is currently at $2500.00 per incident.

Tractor Requirements

  • Prefer no older than six years at the time of leasing*
  • Three axle sleeper cab, diesel power, cabover or conventional
  • Stack height not to exceed 13’ 6” inches hooked to empty trailer and minimum stack height, 13’
  • Weight not to exceed 19,500 lbs. one half full of fuel
  • Tractor must pass a complete and detailed safety inspection at the time of leasing at one of JASKO's preferred shops.
  • Tractor fifth wheel height not to exceed 47 1⁄2 inches unless tractor is equipped with suspension release

*Once leased on, the not more than six years old requirements is suspended, provided the tractor’s appearance and mechanical condition are properly maintained.

Kingpin, Brake Valve, Trailer Rear Door Lock, Cargo Straps and Load Lock Policy

All drivers who have safety clearance and are qualified to drive for JASKO will be required to have in their possession and use air brake valve, kingpin and trailer rear door locks which meet Company specifications. It is mandatory that you use these locks in every situation where use of the locks is possible. The Company will sell to owner at its cost the air brake valve lock for your use while you are under lease to the Company. In addition, two load locks and two cargo straps are required. The cost of the load locks, straps, air brake valve, kingpin and trailer door locks can be paid by the Owner-Operator in one payment or in installments.

Documents required for leasing

  • Performance Escrow of $2000.00 per tractor. Balance in weekly payments of $250.00.
  • Proof of payment of Federal Highway Use Tax (Form IRS-2290, paid by truck owner or JASKO),
  • Articles of incorporation or organization if applicable.
  • Current ticket from certified scale showing the tractors weight with fuel tanks one-half full.
  • Copy of Bill of Sale that reflects actual purchase price of tractor before trade-in allowance, down payment or finance charge.
  • Copy of Certificate of Title of tractor to be leased to JASKO. (If the tractor is new and you desire JASKO to assist with the titling process, please supply MSO from the dealer. If a tractor is a pre-owned tractor and you desire our assistance with titling, please supply a copy of the title signed over to you as the new owner. If a lien is to be placed on the title, a copy of the Lien Holder’s Security Agreement and Financing Statement must also be supplied).
  • Proof of Bobtail (Non-Trucking) Insurance (if not purchasing insurance through JASKO Enterprises, Inc.).
  • Copy of tractor registration from previous company.

*Once leased on, the not more than six years old requirements is suspended, provided the tractor’s appearance and mechanical condition are properly maintained.

Decals and signs

Leased to: JASKO Enterprises, Inc. USDOT 1134923, KYU 199174, last eight of tractor's VIN number must be displayed on the doors or side of cab at door height of all tractors leased to JASKO. Decals for the doors and unit number decals are supplied at the time of leasing unless equipment already has a decal on it and its approved by JASKO.. Should a contractor choose, the required information may, at contractor’s expense, be hand lettered on the tractor’s doors in a contrasting color. The Company name and identifying US DOT number must be at least equivalent in size to the decals supplied by the Company.

How we pay

We use Drive Axle mobile app to scan and submit load related documents. We need to receive completely filled out JASKO Trip Report, with the copies of fuel receipts, toll receipts, Bill of Ladings, original lumper receipts, OS&D, market entrance fees, port escort fees on or before Tuesday 1600 MST. Keeep originals in your posession until you drop it off or mail it to us. Settlements will be done on Thursday and checks will be printed out or direct deposited on next Friday.

Owner Operators / Independent Contractor Pay