Pay & Benefits

Are you thinking about joining Jasko Enterprises Inc.? We have opportunities for a broad spectre of individuals that are looking for new opportunities and a chance to grow. Below, we’ve outlined some of the benefits you can expect when you Drive with Jasko Enterprises Inc.!

Company Drivers join Jasko Enterprises Inc. for a number of reasons – great pay, great home time, great support. But they all stay because once they’ve driven with us for a while, they know they’ll find no better place to work.

Our opportunities are limitless at Jasko Enterprises Inc., so no matter what you’re looking for, we can put you in the seat of some of the best equipment in the industry.


Base Pay (Loaded and Empty) (based on verifiable experience)
START$ 0.40$ 0.41$ 0.43$ 0.45
1 YEAR$ 0.41$ 0.42$ 0.44$ 0.46
2 YEARS$ 0.42$ 0.43$ 0.45$ 0.47
3 YEARS$ 0.43$ 0.44$ 0.46$ 0.48
4 YEARS$ 0.44$ 0.45$ 0.47$ 0.49
5 YEARS$ 0.45$ 0.46$ 0.48$ 0.50
6 YEARS$ 0.46$ 0.47$ 0.49$ 0.51
7 YEARS$ 0.47$ 0.48$ 0.50$ 0.52
8 YEARS$ 0.48$ 0.49$ 0.51$ 0.53
9 YEARS$ 0.49$ 0.50$ 0.52$ 0.54
10+ YEARS$ 0.50$ 0.51$ 0.53$ 0.55

*calculated using Prophesy Mileage

Additional Pay (Accessorial pay)
DETENTION $10.00HourlyAfter three hours$100.00Next Check
EQUIP. BREAKDOWN$10.00HourlyAfter three hours$100.00Next Check
EXTRA STOP$25.00Per StopIntermediate StopsN/ALoad Settlement
INCLEMENT WEATHER$10.00HourlyImmediately$100.00Per Day
LAYOVER$100.00DailyImmediately$100.00Load Settlement
LOCAL DELIVERIES$20.00HourlyUp to 100 Miles$280.00Load Settlement
NO LOAD$100.00DailyImmediately$100.00Load Settlement
ORIENTATION$15.00HourlyImmediately$100.00Next Check
PERFORMANCE BONUS$0.02Per MileCalc. QuarterlyN/AEnd of the Year
SAFETY MEETING$10.00HourlyMandatory Only$100.00Next Check
501+Base Pay

*Day = 24 hour period

**Inclement Weather = Road Closed

PTO7 Days
401(k)3%After 12 MonthsFully Vested After 5 Years
Bereavement3 DaysAfter 1 Year
Vacation1 WeekAfter 1 Year
2 WeeksAfter 2 Years
3 WeeksAfter 5 Years
4 WeeksAfter 10 Years
New Year Day$100.00After 6 months
Memorial Day$100.00After 6 months
Independence Day$100.00After 6 months
Labor Day$100.00After 6 months
Thanksgiving Day$100.00After 6 months
Christmas Day$100.00After 6 months
Home Time7 Days Out1 Day Home
Disciplinary Actions (some of these could lead to termination)
  • Excessive Home Time
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Use
  • Failing Roadside Inspections
  • Poor Job Performance
    • Late Arrivals
    • Cargo Claims
    • Customer Complaints
  • Unauthorized Passengers
  • Unauthorized Pets
  • Prompt Maintenance Reporting
  • Prompt Equipment Damages

To apply for a job as a Company Driver you just need to fill out our application form.

To find out if you fill out the required qualifications click here.

At JASKO, you can expect to be home as often as you like when you work on percentage basis. Our mane lane is Florida-Midwest and back. Most of our drivers are family oriented and are home weekly, most of the year. We will be offering peak rates that industry offers.

Also, if you work on percentage, we will not call you at home to tell you that you need to go on the road. It's up to you to decide how much you need to work. However once you are on the road, we expect you to take loads that are being offered at that time.

To apply for a job as a Contractor you just need to fill out our application form.

To find out if you fill out the required qualifications click here.

Additional Benefits

  • Passenger/rider programs
  • Paid liability and cargo insurance
  • Bobtail/non-trucking liability at group rates
  • Occupational-Accident Insurance at group rates
  • No forced dispatch
  • Access to competitive medical, dental, prescription, life, disability, critical illness and accident insurance.

  • For more info about working for Jasko Enterprises Inc. reffer our FAQ.