Meet Our Team

Jasmin Maljanovic
Jas M.

Jas has been an active Director of Operations since 2003. He is involved in most of the “day to day operations”.

Mirsad Atić
Mirsad A.

Mirsad works in accounting department. His duties are AP & Settlements.

Adis Dzibric
Adis D.

Adis works in Dispatch Department. His daily tasks are matching loads to available trucks.

Selim Dekic
Selim D.

Selim is in our Billing department, whose duties consist of Invoicing, AR and Collections.

Sasa Mihajlovic
Sasa M.

Sasa’s duties are managing company’s customer accounts. Understanding their needs and helping with outbound freight moves.

Bosko Vlajic
Bosko V.

Bosko’s duty is overseeing safety management process and provides overall support and guidance to company and drivers.

Denis Mandzukic
Denis M.

• Denis provides IT support for Jasko Enterprises.

Andrea Cvijanovic
Andrea C.

Andrea works in Dispatch Department. Her daily tasks are matching loads to available trucks.

Ali Web Development
Ali M.

• Ali works as a Web Developer & Marketing Consultant.

Raza Begovic
Almir H.

• Almir is our night dispatcher.

Kristian Fazlic
Kristian F.

• Kristian works as a dispatcher during the weekends.