Meet Our Team

Jasmin Maljanovic
Jas M.

Jas has been an active Director of Operations since 2003. He is involved in most of the “day to day operations”.

Mirsad Atic
Mirsad A.

Meet Mirsad, our devoted Accounting Specialist. With keen attention to detail and extensive experience, he manages crucial financial tasks.

Adis Dzibric
Alex D.

Meet Adis D., our seasoned Senior Load Planner. With extensive experience and strategic insight, Adis orchestrates efficient load planning.

Sasa Mihajlovic
Ash M.

Meet Sasa M., our Account Manager excelling in customer relations and logistics for JASKO Enterprises, Inc.

Elmin 'Mike' H.
Mike H.

Meet Mike H., our team member in the Dispatch department. Mike plays a key role in orchestrating efficient logistics for JASKO Enterprises, Inc.

Mirna 'Marry' D.
Marry D.

Meet Marry, overseeing Safety, Compliance, and Insurance at JASKO Enterprises, Inc.

Edward Clark
Edward C.

Meet Edward, bringing a go-getter attitude and a can-do spirit to JASKO Enterprises, Inc. We're thrilled to have him on board!

Denis Mandzukic
Denis M.

Meet Denis M, our IT specialist at JASKO Enterprises, Inc. Denis brings a wealth of tech expertise to our team, ensuring seamless IT operations.