Lease Purchase

Truck lease purchase programs are one of the main ways a company driver can take the next step in their career to become an owner operator, which allows them to make more money, own the truck they drive, be a little more flexible with their schedule, and start their own business.

When drivers enroll in truck lease purchase programs, they are immediately reclassified as owner operators. That means they make owner operator money from the get-go, but it also means they have to cover owner operator expenses, including truck payments. With the truck lease purchase programs some carriers have put together, the terms and the lack of steady work they give their lease-purchase drivers can sink a driver pretty quickly, no matter how high the companies say their CPM is for owner operators. With our truck lease program, though, we’ve tried to put together a realistic package that is a win-win for both drivers and JASKO.


You join JASKO as an experienced truck driver (with at least 2 years of experience) and work as a company driver - showing us you can do the job right. After 90 days, you'll be eligible to transition into one of our available trucks using an "earned down payment." Instead of having to cover a truck payment upfront, you're already on your way to truck ownership - a $3,000 value.